Friday, November 13, 2009

now it's starting to look like a chef

just needs some details. once again my actual job is getting in the way, between work and sleep i really don't have enough left over time for this stuff. thankfully it's nearly the weekend.


  1. Wow man, you're really good at these models. Looks fantastic.

    I also think you mean "Chief" instead of "Chef." Unless this Ogre butchers and cooks people ;)

  2. i wrote what i meant, aza's idea was an ogre with a sackful of body parts. i expanded it to an ogre chef with an apron and (soon) a chefs hat. a meat cleaver and a bloody sack.

  3. Ahh ok, I don't know much of the story.

  4. Reminds me of the butcher from Diablo lol

    fresh meat!

  5. This is 100 time better!
    Man just a word AMAZING!