Saturday, November 14, 2009

almost final hi res

i had trouble with the boots so they were restarted, fleshed out all the buckles in XSi, then added the wrinkles in z brush.

the apron is the only part i think needs more work, but i'm open to other idea's.

kind of ditched the chef hat thing. figured it was too cartoony.

the colours are just idea's. the skin is more likely to be pale green or blue. none of the default SSS style materials (sub-surface-scattering) work with non human fleshtones. i might see if i can find
some better ones on z central.

any other idea's are good. comments are right below.


  1. I also think the apron is fantastic. Looks absolutely fine to me. The only parts I'd work on with the apron is the bottom left and right portion of it.

    If the apron is creased in multiple layers like it does down the apron, the bottom portion of the apron should reflect that. Seems a little too solid for the layers.

    Just my dumb ass opinion.

  2. Nice job man!
    Happy to see it quite over!