Friday, December 18, 2009

it isn't leaking...

i might be premature in this but....wuhoo.

the latest ati driver has no leak.

i got excited when the new section of the release notes said openGL 3.2 support was added...and sure enouygh xsi isn't leaking...

the irony is i fixed my leaking hot water system not even 3 hours earlier. it's a funny world.

Monday, December 7, 2009

fate conspires against me...again

another complaining topic. i'll be brief
AMD HD5870:
memory leak while using XSI 7.01 (mostly translate functions, but rendering also leaks)

Nvidia GTS250:
only allows one of the follwing to operate at any given time, photoshop, xsi 7.01
opening the other whle the first is open crashes xsi.

so while AMD and Nvidia sort out their stupid drivers. i'm stuck with choosing which is the least annoying problem.

in other news, i know what xsi 2010 is worth, and they wont let me tell other people. suffice to say it's way more than i can muster. so i'm back to waiting on drivers.

i'm beginnning to believe there is some conspiracy. however i've gotten a chance to actually play games again. since my next game purchase will most likely be mass effect 2 i put some time into a new character in the original. i forgot how much fun flinging people into space was

Friday, November 20, 2009

and again..

the update went less smoothly than i would have liked. the asus software and the creative drivers were throwing up missing dll errors on startup, i'm not sure if they were causing the blue screen of death to happen occasionally or if it was just some other remnant of the vista install having a conniption.

most programs didn't actually work and they couldn't be uninstalled because the registry didn't recognise their existence. the only solution was to reinstall them. but how do you keep track of 200 odd programs that all appear to work?

in light of all the issues, reinstalling clean was really the only option. at least i get to clean up all the garbage from arbitarily testing random programs from the le forums.

i mean, really all i need to install is XSi, => Zbrush3.5 => Photoshop CS4 => Torque3D-1.x, and any relevant plugins i use with those. ie, the nvidia dds exporter and pixplant for photoshop.

anyway i was just updating everyone , and my bookmarks.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

win7, 104 pages of a good book.

i just finished updating to win7, 104 pages of "the restuarant at the end of the universe" or more accurately 1 hour 50 minutes.

the unfortunate problem is the update process very succinctly informed me that XSi needs to be re installed clean. i foresee alot of lost productivity. but frankly i'm beyond caring. it's been borderline useless since about september 22.

sometime next week an autodesk reseller will tell me how much free time i have clawed back until i'm truly productive again.

it hasn't been very accurately explained why i've been cagey about messing with the XSi install so i'll take the time now.

AVID's softimage XSi, uses a hardware based anti piracy system. a dongle device must be installed into a free usb slot at all times. this dongle acts as your registration key.

the first step in installing XSi is to get the license server running and looking at the dongle

this gives you a key to send the softimage|net customer profile which then spits out an activation code.

you paste the code into license server and it unloks your XSi install.

this is where my current problems will lie
softimage|net was redirected to "the area" autodesk's version of the same thing
my login credentials do not work for "the area" asthey generated new passwords for us all.
trying to request a new passwaord fails everytime for me as the emails never arrive.
i tried making a new account on another email address because you can't get support unless your reistered

it suffered the same result, no emails to verify the new account.

this leaves me with a profound feeling that i'm screwed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

irate rant time

memory issues remain, amd driver updates are too slow, what few resellers of softimage 2010 in aus that i can find, only list their email addresses they rarely have stores and what few do don't have prices for softimage2010.

the price in AUSTRALIA for softimage 2010 is not even remotely likley to be close to the american price plus conversion... rather it will likely be about a 100% markup on that price.

autodesk america only sells to US customers. autodesk does not have an online store for australia.

the switch from AVID to Autodesk means i can't upgrade to win7 until i upgrade softimage, primarily for fear of not being to re-enable my softimage license now the license servers have been ...i don't even know what they did in the "great transition phase" all i know is my saving for the cintiq21ux meant i couldn't upgrade to a newer "autodesk'd" softimage. leaving me with no confidence in reinstallation should windows go belly up.

THIS IS WHY I HATE AUTODESK, and why i bought a softimage license in the first place. the big guys use the assimilate or die method of marketplace competition. and the little guys are left with stagnating software and confusing beaurocratic hoops to jump through when all they want to do is make 3d models......

and it's damn hot here too, which is just making me even more miserable at the situation.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

almost final hi res

i had trouble with the boots so they were restarted, fleshed out all the buckles in XSi, then added the wrinkles in z brush.

the apron is the only part i think needs more work, but i'm open to other idea's.

kind of ditched the chef hat thing. figured it was too cartoony.

the colours are just idea's. the skin is more likely to be pale green or blue. none of the default SSS style materials (sub-surface-scattering) work with non human fleshtones. i might see if i can find
some better ones on z central.

any other idea's are good. comments are right below.

Friday, November 13, 2009

now it's starting to look like a chef

just needs some details. once again my actual job is getting in the way, between work and sleep i really don't have enough left over time for this stuff. thankfully it's nearly the weekend.